My Africa Story – 2

While in Ghana, Fred witnessed many children who were malnourished. Many of the children had distended stomachs. To fill them up they ate a steady diet of tofu and it bloated their tummies.

Fred arranged to buy two of the irrigation systems and had them shipped to Ghana by early-June. He spent two weeks researching how they could be used for agricultural purposes and what he would need to do for a smooth installation.

He flew back to Ghana to make sure he was there when they arrived and again planned on being gone for only two weeks. By the end of June he had been gone a month and I became afraid for his safety. I started having insomnia. At best, I would be able to sleep two hours a night before I’d wake up in a panic, knowing Fred was in trouble with every fiber of my being.

On June 30th I received a phone call from a man who had a very thick accent. He said he was calling from Los Angeles and Fred had asked him to let me know he was okay. He asked me to be sure to stay at home during the July 4th weekend and promised that Fred would call to let me know what was happening.