My Africa Story – 9

Inside the Hotel Sarakawa there several night clubs offering a jazz club, reggae, rock and roll and even a string quartet. There were at least four restaurants and several dress and souvenir shops. I had never seen such a large property.

The first night we went to Hotel Du 2 Fevrier for dinner. The hotel was named for the 2nd of February which was the first time there was a bloodless coo in Togo. There was a couple at the next table speaking with the thickest southern accent. They began to ask us questions about where we were from and as it turned out they were from Dallas, Texas. They were very entertaining with stories as big as the state they were from!

The next morning Fred suggested we get to the Ghanaian Embassy early t o make sure I could get another entry visa. While we were standing at the desk completing the paper work, I noticed a very large man coming down the stair way. He walked up behind Fred and gave him a bear hug!

I was sure the man was going to take Fred away. But as it turned out, Fred and the Ambassador went to Stanford together at the same time that Ade was there. Of course the Ambassador invited us to come to the Embassy for lunch. He drove us there in his official car with Ghanaian flags flying on front fenders.