My Africa Story – 20

It took me several months to learn how to combat the Malaria. I heard from several people that tonic water had quinine in it so that became my drink of choice. The symptoms slowly diminished and after several years, non of the symptoms exist.
By the time Fred got back he had taken a couple of detours, one to Hershey, Pennsylvania to see if they were interested in buying the cocoa from Ghana and the other to Oregon to line up the helicopters that would air lift the cocoa out of the mountains and down to the ships in the harbor which would be waiting to take the cocoa to Hershey’s plant. It was just like a plan the A Team would have concocted. It all came together somewhat seamlessly. Fred met a man from Japan on the flight into Hershey who had an air carrier and agreed to bring the helicopters to Ghana, the cocoa would be transported to the ships and Hershey signed a 60 million dollar pro forma.
It was going to be a very good Christmas season.
Fred left a few days after Christmas and headed back to Ghana to attend their New Year’s Eve party. He was going to pick up his $600,000 commission check from the Prime Minister Hilla Limann’s administration. He attended their New Year’s Eve party and was well assessed as the hero of the Ghanaian failing economy.
Shortly before midnight Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, staged the first bloodless coup in all of Ghana’s history. He attended the party as a guest of Limann’s and had his Provisional National Defense Council slowly enter the gathering.