My Father’s Influence – 1

I’m a junkie . . . no really, I’m an info junkie. I love gathering information and then try to figure out how to make it useful.

One of the only studies conducted by the IRS that I found interesting states that only 1 in 8 people do something to earn their income that they enjoy.

This is probably why more heart attacks happen on Monday morning that the other 6 ½ days of the week combined.

My grandmother took my father to Houston when he as 18 and declared “Pete I’ve enrolled you in school and you’re going to become a nurse.”

My father wanted to be an engineer but out of respect to his mother he did graduate even though a little reluctantly. He was the only guy in his class and he knew his odds would never again be that good.

He immediately joined the Navy because he desperately wanted to see the world. He was assigned to a submarine that toured the California coast. They spent most of their time underwater and barely came up for air in San Francisco.

That’s where my parents met. Just before I turned two, my father saw a little boy get hit by a car. When he got to the hospital for his shift, he was assigned to the same child. He came home and told my mother “Pack us up, we’re moving to the country!”

Just like that, one week later they moved to a beautiful picturesque little town even though it was most women’s biggest nightmare . . . there wasn’t a single department store within 100 miles!