My Africa Story – 25

The pieces finally fell into place. When we moved from Martinez to Lafayette the year before, I found a CIA application in one of Fred’s books. It was all filled out. When I asked him about it he just laughed it off and told me he had had it for a long time.
He never did admit to being part of the CIA or other government agency. He never explained his covert actions. He refused to talk about it even years later.
Yes, I have kept in touch with Fred, even though our marriage was challenging to say the least, I still respect his intellect and his creativity.
I’ve thought many times about our relationship and how much he expanded my horizons and exposed me to International travel, wines, parties, and so many areas I had never been privileged to in the past.
Life and people are meant to bring us experiences and sometimes they’re not what we expect them to be, but there is always a lesson in the experience. What we make of the experience is completely up to us. I choose to take the great experiences we shared from our time together and not allow the challenges to interfere with my perspective.