My Africa Story – 24

About a year later my girlfriend Peggy and I came home from a ski trip at Kirkwood because we got snowed out and decided to come back and go dancing at a popular single’s club. We were there only a few minutes when a very nice looking man asked me to dance. After we danced a couple of times we started talking and I realized I knew him from somewhere.
I asked him where he worked and he said at a furniture store, but that wasn’t where I had seen him. Suddenly it dawned on me.
“You were driving a blue Pinto and used to follow me around a couple of years ago. One night it was cold and foggy and I came out and gave you a bowl of soup.” I reminded him.
“No, that wasn’t me!” he denied as he got up and prepared to leave. He wasn’t about to have any further conversation.
It was odd a man was sitting nearby was listening to me and smiled as he said, “That sounds like an interesting story.”
“At the time it wasn’t interesting, just frustrating.” I informed him.
He asked me to explain more about the story and when I got to the part of the helicopters from Evergreen, Oregon he asked if I knew what Evergreen was known for.
Of course I didn’t, but he was bound to enlighten me.
“It’s a CIA training and maintenance center.” he was pleased to tell me.