My Africa Story – 23

I did everything I could do to work with the CPA remotely. But then he insisted I come into the office to sign the returns and as I had suspected, Fred was there waiting for me.
Fred and I had never had a fight in the five years we were together. Although I had pushed hard to evoke a reaction out of him one time before we were married, he was amazingly calm and patient with me. I was an emotional roller coaster more frequently than I care to admit, but he always knew how to calm me down and talk about whatever issue had stimulated my emotional discomfort.
When I saw him my defenses began to waiver. But I knew deep down I couldn’t live with this man and ever have peace in my life. The previous five years were full of excitement; some instances were what every woman dreams of: spontaneous trips to New York and Europe; skiing the Swiss Alps; surprise parties; lavish gifts and rarely a dull moment.
But I was exhausted from all those drastic ups and downs in our life. I knew I had to hold to my decision and not drop my guard or he would be able to convince me to go back to him. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.