My Africa Story – 25

The pieces finally fell into place. When we moved from Martinez to Lafayette the year before, I found a CIA application in one of Fred’s books. It was all filled out. When I asked him about it he just laughed it off and told me he had had it for a long time. He never … Read more

My Africa Story – 24

About a year later my girlfriend Peggy and I came home from a ski trip at Kirkwood because we got snowed out and decided to come back and go dancing at a popular single’s club. We were there only a few minutes when a very nice looking man asked me to dance. After we danced … Read more

My Africa Story – 21

Rawlings and his PNDC escorted Fred to the airport directly from the party. He wasn’t allowed to return to the compound to retrieve his belongings, he wasn’t allowed to inform his staff they no longer had an employer and there was to be no $600,000 commission check. He was put on the first flight out … Read more

Quality of Life

My friend Ginger and I went to the New Living Expo in San Francisco yesterday and I had a great time. The first lady I met, Monique confirmed that I would be predominantly living out of the country by the year’s end. Hooray! that means, I can leave the Bay Area which is going to … Read more

Fulfilled Dreams

Have you ever compared yourself to others? I used to do this all of the time! I used to wonder why others could make their lives seem so effortless and I felt like I had to struggle and fight to get everything that I needed. Have you ever felt like that? About ten years ago … Read more

Create Your Own Reality

Lose all the weight you want, fall in love with your soul mate, make millions of dollars . . . How can you make all of those self help books actually work? A friend once told me that if the self help books actually worked, we’d all be thin, rich and madly in love with … Read more