Quality of Life

My friend Ginger and I went to the New Living Expo in San Francisco yesterday and I had a great time. The first lady I met, Monique confirmed that I would be predominantly living out of the country by the year’s end. Hooray! that means, I can leave the Bay Area which is going to … Read more

Simplify Your Life

Tax day! For most people, a stressful time. For me, just a beautiful day that was 75 degrees and a delightful experience. I simplified my life much in the same way I simplified my taxes. First the life: In the 80s I worked in the big bad corporate arena. I was part of the road … Read more

Fulfilled Dreams

Have you ever compared yourself to others? I used to do this all of the time! I used to wonder why others could make their lives seem so effortless and I felt like I had to struggle and fight to get everything that I needed. Have you ever felt like that? About ten years ago … Read more