Family History

My Parents in 1944Imagine my surprise when I went to the Claremont Hotel in Oakland, Ca and walked down the hall to notice a picture from 1944 and both of my parents were in the picture.

They are the couple on the right.

My father joined the Navy to see the world. He had graduated from the Nurses Academy at Houston and ended up being stationed in a submarine touring the coastline of California.

My mother, was born in Alameda, CA  and was working at Milan’s Jewelers when she and a friend went to meet her friends boyfriend. It turned out to be my father. The ended up walking all over San Francisco and dating exclusively until they were married August 1944.

They lived in the Bay Area until 1946 when they moved back to San Antonio where my dad had been raised. That was where my sister was born. Then they moved back to San Francisco in time for me to become the 4th generation on my mother’s side who was born in the Bay Area.

I was nearly two years old when my father who worked at St. Luke’s Hospital where I was born and was delivering milk before his shift when he saw a 3-year-old get hit. When he got to the hospital he had to take care of the same boy.

One week later he had moved us up north to Little River and then before I was four, we moved to Mendocino. My brother was born two years later in Fort Bragg.