Soul Portrait

I met Una White through one of my authors. We played phone tag for a month then we were supposed to meet but Una’s cell phone broke and it took another 6 weeks before we actually met. I invited her to meet me at the WIN 100th Anniversary of International Day in South San Francisco.

We spent our lunch time together and when she showed me portraits she had painted and it surprised me how many insights I was able to see. Una invited me to her home in San Carlos to have my portrait done the following Saturday and when I got there I was surprised to see she lives in a castle. I didn’t have any idea there was a castle in San Carlos.

First, Una led me through a maze of palace dome to her room, which was nearly in a tower. She had me select several decks of Taro cards, set up her easel and chalks then selected wonderful music to play softly in the background.

Then Una massaged my neck and shoulders. She wanted to make sure I was relaxed. Then I choose anywhere from 6 to 20 cards from each of the deck of cards.

Una interpreted the cards and the reading was amazing. She predicted success with my school for the kids at risk; I was ready and open to a new relationship with my true soul mate and financial success and good health was in my future.

Soul Portrait by Una WhiteThen she began drawing a picture with many circles of yellow and told me they were souls I was to become responsible for. She then began drawing waves in blue at the bottom and explained I would be living near the water. In the upper right she drew first wings, then what became an owl. She told me it was Michael who was watching over me and guiding me in wisdom.

There was green surrounding me, representing the wealth to come into my life. The pinkish color was a representation of the good health that would be mine.

There was a depiction of movement, transformation and growth.

Una has amazing talent and her intuition is a true gift. You should have your Soul Portrait done as it is an amazing insight into your life and your future.

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