Past Life Stories

I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of destiny as much as I did while I was in France. It felt nostalgic even though I had never been there. I felt at home even though I didn’t speak any French.

We landed in France, boarded the bus on our way to Val d’Isère and stopped in Annecy for lunch. There were two bus loads (about 200 skiers) and we parked on one side of the river, having to cross over the bridge to find a place to eat lunch. Everyone headed for the obvious choices, the restaurants along the river but I told my girlfriend Brooke there was a restaurant down the first alley to the right, a left at the first street and another right where there would be ample seating and they let dogs eat sitting on chairs at the tables. Again, I had never been to France prior and had no knowledge of any conscious of this or why I would have even said it!

But sure enough, there was the restaurant, one block to the right, then left and another right and a poodle was sitting on a chair at the table eating it’s lunch! Brooke was as astonished as I was!