Then I fell and hit my head on the bench. Three floors below Roger Machet was about to open a bottle of wine for one of the tables when Brooke saw him look up towards our room three floors above. He quickly glanced over at Brooke, dropped the bottle and ran out of the dining … Read more

The Dream

I knew the dream was unusual because I felt as though I was observing a movie but was able to participate in the dream as well. I was sitting at the dining table but it was a tree which had been split in half. The bench I sat on was a log and in front … Read more

Skiing Accident

By the time we got down the mountain and dropped off our equipment I was really hunger. But Howard decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to eat right away. It was already after one in the afternoon and Tony, Howard and I walked slowly through the shops until I was too exhausted to … Read more

Skiing in France

The fourth day we headed up the mountain and Brooke decided to stay behind. I skied with Tony, a grey car (imports from Europe that don’t go through regular channels) importer and Dr. Howard who is an optometrist. Skiing in front of us was a group from Southern California including Michael Milken, the junk bond king, who … Read more


Jacqueline explained she worked in Paris and part of her job was to finance the same exact equipment I was selling in the Bay Area in California. She went on to tell me she and her husband had lived in Palo Alto in 1977, just an hour away from where I lived in Walnut Creek. … Read more

Past Life Stories

We arrived in Val d’Isère late that afternoon and all of us were spread out around the lovely old world village. It’s the town where the renown Olympic Medalst skiier Jean–Claude Killy was raised. We were extremely fortunate to be assigned to the Hotel Samovar which was right across the road from the timing shack … Read more

Past Life Stories

I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of destiny as much as I did while I was in France. It felt nostalgic even though I had never been there. I felt at home even though I didn’t speak any French. We landed in France, boarded the bus on our way to Val d’Isère and … Read more