Skiing Accident

By the time we got down the mountain and dropped off our equipment I was really hunger. But Howard decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to eat right away. It was already after one in the afternoon and Tony, Howard and I walked slowly through the shops until I was too exhausted to walk any further. Howard decided he was sufficiently satisfied I didn’t have a concussion.

It was around 5 pm when they walked me back to the Hotel Samovar and I went up to the room to get some rest. Brooke burst into the room about an hour later and urged me to get up and join her for dinner. I told what had happened and asked her to go without me. She continued to urge me to say “If you don’t leave me alone I’ll have to throw something at you!”

She went down to the dining room reluctantly and when Roger Machet came over to the table and asked why I wasn’t with her she told him what had happened. He suggested they bring me a bowl of soup but she immediately said “I’m not going back up there!”

In the meantime, I began to have a dream.