Skiing in France

The fourth day we headed up the mountain and Brooke decided to stay behind. I skied with Tony, a grey car (imports from Europe that don’t go through regular channels) importer and Dr. Howard who is an¬†optometrist. Skiing in front of us was a group from Southern California including Michael Milken,¬†the junk bond king, who was an excellent skier.

The runs were beautiful and long. The weather was nearly totally white 360 degrees. The fog was in for the day.

In France as many European countries, they do not groom the slopes. On our first run for the day, we came off the chair lift and headed down the mountain. We came around a corner a saw Michael being lifted onto a stretcher. He had fallen and broke his collar bone.

I got very nervous!

Tony urged us to continue on down the hill and we agreed. About ten minutes later we came to an area where the visibility lessened. I did the worse thing any skier could do, I stiffened up. We came upon a hill and there was a three foot drop.

I rolled and hit the top of my head. Tony said he hear my neck crack! I was dizzy when I tried to stand up so Tony and Howard grabbed each of my hands and lead me down the hill traversing as slow as they could go.