The Dream

I knew the dream was unusual because I felt as though I was observing a movie but was able to participate in the dream as well.

I was sitting at the dining table but it was a tree which had been split in half. The bench I sat on was a log and in front of me was a bowl that had been carved and my spoon was roughly carved. I looked up and saw Brooke as a little girl with long blond braids. she was concentrating on eating her broth. To my left down the length of the table was Roger Machet. His hair was long and stringy and he had a straggley beard.

He tore off a chuck of bread and soaked it in the broth. The he put the bread up to his mouth and sucked the broth out making a very loud slurping noise. I thought it was very funny so I decided to try it. But when I sucked the juice out of the bread a piece of the bread broke off and lodged in my throat.

I started choking and was reaching out trying to get Roger’s attention or even Brooke’s, but I couldn’t distract them.