Moving Forward

We went on to Chamonix and then to Lyon where we drove to Paris. It took us seven days and it is only 165 miles. We had to stop in every village we came through. It was magical.

The first stop was Macon Village. We found a wonderful restaurant for lunch and we were pleasantly surprised when the chef came out to our table and talked to us about what he would recommend for us to eat. After we finished our amazing meal he returned to make sure we were happy with the choice and suggested we stay in a castle that had just recently been remodeled.

We drove north about an hour to Ige where we found narrow streets and a beautiful country village. We noticed a sign for an artist’s studio so naturally; we had to check it out. We walked down into the lower level of a studio which was underground and we were amazed at the incredible abstract art displayed. We called out to make sure someone knew we were there, but no one answered.

We spent about twenty minutes looking through the colorful collection when a man came in from another lower level of the gallery and greeted us.