On Broadway

One of the things I’ve always truly enjoyed is theater or is it theatre? Well, what better place to see Jersey Boys during my birthday week than in New York at the August Wilson Theatre (52nd Street in New York)? Ruby and I had come to New York for the NextGen conference (for UBU) and her friend Julian Kaplan who lives out in Queens managed to get 14th row center isle tickets for the Sunday matinee.

We found a parking place on the street less than two blocks from the theater and walked over to pick up the tickets. While Julian went in, we took pictures and a lovely couple offered to take our picture together! So typical tourist, but then what the heck, that’s what we are!
The show was unbelievable! We were singing, laughing and even crying for the loss of Frankie’s 22 year old daughter to drugs. The show was a whirlwind of emotions and spectacular entertainment. The lead actor, Jarrod Spector as Frankie Valli sounded so much like Frankie it was eerie! The music was spot on and amazingly fun!

Julian who is numb to the New York atmosphere was impressed with the show and later declared it to be the best Broadway show he’s ever seen. It was not only one of the highlights of our New York trip, but will be one of my fondest memories of New York city!Va Bien , 311 W 51st St, New York NY10019 (Get directions)