Conscious Decisions

In 1977 I moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii. It wasn’t a planned move but one that was meant to be.

It didn’t take me long before I started showing up at every kind of church I could find. I knew what I was looking for but I never did find it. I wanted to feel at peace from the inside out, from my heart and in my mind. I believed I could find a place where that would be possible.

After three years I settled for the Unity Church in Walnut Creek. I felt at peace there in my mind, but my heart was still not at peace. The church looks like the inside of a ship upside down.

My meditations took me beyond this dimension. I felt I could spiral throughout the Universe. I loved being able to leave my body because it felt like I could see more clearly, feel more depth to the questions I that had been on my mind and gain an understanding for what I’ve been exposed to.

There will always be questions and even when I find the answers there are always more questions.

I guess that’s the way of the world and a mind that has to question everything!