Social Media

You’ve heard me mention how much I enjoy Facebook. I love the people I have met there. There is a huge world out there that you miss out on if you’re not engaged in social networking.
I had Josie Ravenwing ask me to add her as a friend, and just her name was intriguing enough to agree. Then I felt like I hit the jackpot! She’s lovely, spiritual, intelligent, warm and friendly.
But to beat all, she is John of God’s personal US liaison!
In case you don’t know who John of God is, the abridge version is that he only completed his first grade education. At 15 he wandered into a village, thought he fell asleep, but had spent three hours healing those in the village.
By the time he was 18 he was conducting complicated surgeries without any formal training. Physicians from all over the world came to audit his technique and no one could find a single fault in what he did.
Josie leads groups to Brazil to meet John of God and I felt privileged to have the pleasure of interviewing Josie. You can listen to the interview here
I look for reasons to be in gratitude every week, this was a big one!