Bucket List

Have you ever created your own “Bucket List”? You know, the list of all the things that you want to do? I was challenged to update my Bucket list at a workshop I attended in San Francisco. I went to get on the BART (train) to come back to the East Bay, but there had been an accident on the tracks. So I went back up to Market Street and walked down to the Sheraton Palace. It’s such a beautiful historic building and I’ve attended many great events there throughout the 32 years I’ve lived here.

So I went into the salon and ordered a Cosmopolitan. I pulled out my notepad and began writing. It took less than an hour to come up with more than 30 items. The third thing on the list is to meet the Dali Lama.
When we took our lunch break on Saturday, we decided to walk down to Chinatown and fund a restaurant. About halfway through lunch I noticed a couple of motorcycle cops on the street. I looked in the other direction and saw there was the SF PD “001” car, Highway Patrol, a big black SUV and a limousine.
We finished lunch and approached one of the young men that was waiting to see what was going on. He said he heard it was the Dali Lama. I walked up to a Policeman and asked.
He said “We’re not at liberty to say, it’s a dignitary”
I thought, if it wasn’t the Dali Lama, he would have said no!
So we waiting about 2 minutes to see, guess who, yes, the Dali Lama emerged from the back entrance of the Ritz Carlton. He was very well guarded so we couldn’t get anywhere near him, but he did wave as though he was in a parade as he passed by in his limo!
My heart didn’t slow down for more than an hour! What a thrill!
Write it down . . . realize your dreams!