Time Out!

Have you taken the time to check in with your family and friends lately? Not just a passing “How are you?” but a real heart felt conversation. I had a chance to meet with a friend over at Half Moon Bay at the Miramar Restaurant across the street from the beach. It was so much fun to catch up with her and just relax and enjoy the amazing weather.

I don’t take time out often enough. Do you? Do you get so caught up in every day pressures that you have a hard time stopping long enough to play? I love what I do and it never seems like work, but that doesn’t mean I should be doing nothing but my work.  I know I need to take more time out and it’s at the top of my list this summer. I’m challenging myself to catch up with at least one friend each week. I know that it’s those times that create the memories that carry us through our golden years, so there has to be a renewed effort to appreciate the friends and family we’re so privileged to have.
I’m heading to San Antonio to visit the aunts! I haven’t seen them in four years and it’s hard to imagine that I could have let that much time pass. They have been so kind to me over the years. They are so sweet and love playing tour guides. I always enjoy my visits with them. They are the true definition of how family should be.