Fulfilled Dreams

Have you ever compared yourself to others? I used to do this all of the time! I used to wonder why others could make their lives seem so effortless and I felt like I had to struggle and fight to get everything that I needed. Have you ever felt like that? About ten years ago … Read more

Life’s Challenges

I had a conversation with a client of mine over the weekend and I was beside myself with the difficulty that he has been going through. It amazes me when perfectly wonderful people find themselves subjected to outrageously bad behavior of others. What do you suppose someone would gain long term from tormenting the person … Read more

Create Your Own Reality

Lose all the weight you want, fall in love with your soul mate, make millions of dollars . . . How can you make all of those self help books actually work? A friend once told me that if the self help books actually worked, we’d all be thin, rich and madly in love with … Read more