I Believe

I started out being raised Catholic. I was exposed to some pretty ugly stuff in the church. At home my family life left a lot to be desired and according to the Catholic church, you get what you deserve. As a child I struggled to understand what I had done to deserve the parents I … Read more


November is always my month for reflection . . . I know most people do that in December especially after Christmas but I find my birthday month is a perfect time to think about what I’ve done in the past year and where I want the next year to take me. I have spent the … Read more

Conscious Decisions

In 1977 I moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii. It wasn’t a planned move but one that was meant to be. It didn’t take me long before I started showing up at every kind of church I could find. I knew what I was looking for but I never did find it. I wanted … Read more


Have you ever been challenged by your beliefs? Has anyone you cared about contradicted your core beliefs? I have been challenged by those in my family, friends and even those who I have worked with. It amazes me anyone could believe they they have a right to try and convince anyone they have to believe … Read more


I love Halloween! It’s the beginning of my birthday month and I always treat November as my very long birthday celebration! Over the years I have made about 20 Halloween costumes, it’s like everyone has a party to get me started! In 1984 I saw Cats on Broadway in San Francisco and was inspired to … Read more


The biggest challenge I have ever had is learning to be patient. I have been waiting for a month to receive a call about the funding that has been promised to build a school for kids at risk. The funds were approved the last day of December and were promised by March 31st. There has … Read more

Run Away

I was six years old the first time I ran away from home. We lived in the middle of 80 acres of state forest property and there were fewer than five homes within a mile of where we lived. I remember feeling as though anything had to be better than my home, my parents and … Read more


When I look back on my life and ponder all of the adventures, exposures and people I know I am blessed. I spend more time than most would deem it necessary in evaluating my experiences. It was a rough beginning and that forces me to look at why I’ve had the experiences that have come … Read more

Bank Robbery

I went to a very small school in the very small town of Mendocino. It was a time when life was much easier than it is today for teenagers. One of the boys who was a year older than me and had grown up through the first grade and even catechism had been in many … Read more

Core Beliefs

Even though I was raised to believe in the Catholic Religion I questioned those beliefs from the time I was 9. It’s hard for me to imagine how a 9 year old should be so adamant in their belief of religious constraints being more than out of perspective. When I was nine Sister Mary Margaret … Read more